The Ultimate Postcard Marketing Success Manual Header

Every business owner, entrepreneur, and marketing manager wants to learn how to build a leak-proof marketing machine that hums along with minimal maintenance and optimal results. Problem is: that kind of marketing “machine” seems about as possible to build as snowman in Hawaii.

But it is possible. And that’s why this book exists.

Joy is the Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, and she used the very techniques in this book to take the company from $0 to $40,000,000 in less than a decade. Now, her knowledge is available to you - for FREE - and it’s just a click away…

Chapter 1: Marketing Strategy Defined
Chapter 14: 10 Elements of a Effective Postcard Design
Chapter 2: Two Step Marketing
Chapter 15: Writing Effective Ad Copy
Chapter 3: Attention Grabbing Marketing
Chapter 16: Crafting a Successful Marketing Offer
Chapter 4: Overcoming the 4 Marketing Obstacles
Chapter 17: Web Design Marketing Tips
Chapter 5: Email Lead Generation is NOT the Answer
Chapter 18: Building an Integrated Marketing Plan
Chapter 6: Marketing ROI is Key, Not Responses
Chapter 19: Setting a Marketing Budget
Chapter 7: How to Build a Marketing List
Chapter 20: Setting a Marketing Schedule
Chapter 8: Marketing to Customers
Chapter 21: Marketing Repetition is Crucial
Chapter 9: Marketing to Follow-Up List
Chapter 22: Tracking Marketing Campaigns & Improving Results
Chapter 10: Marketing to Targeted Prospects
Chapter 23: Lead Follow-Up Process
Chapter 11: Targeted Mailing Lists 101
Chapter 24: Complete Marketing Process Overview
Chapter 12: Targeted Mailing Lists 102: Keep Them Fresh
Chapter 25: Postcard Marketing Case Studies
Chapter 13: How to Design an Effective Ad
Chapter 26: Key Marketing Terms Defined