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DirectMail2.0: Numbers You Can't Ignore — 3 Case Studies from Real Dental Practices Using DirectMail2.0

For the past two months, I have written feature articles for DE about an integrated marketing approach and the easiest way to achieve it — a new direct mail product available to dentists called DirectMail2.0. My first article looked at why marketing integration is something your practice needs if you want to maximize your marketing dollar. In the second, I explained what DirectMail2.0 is.... In this article, it's time to take a look at the actual, real-life results generated by DirectMail2.0 campaigns.

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Big-practice marketing on a little-practice budget

Have you ever seen a well-orchestrated ad campaign from a huge medical center or well-established practice and thought, "Wow. It must be nice to drop that kind of money into your marketing budget and not even notice."?

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3 Marketing Mistakes Tax Professionals Should Avoid This Tax Season

Tax Season. “The Show.” “The Big Dance.” Whatever you call it, it’s nearly upon us – and that means it’s time to figure out how you are going to rake in more business this year than you did last year.

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3 Direct Mail Flubs Costing You Big Bucks

You’re probably pretty adept at risk management. I mean, if you’re still in business – at any level – you’ve made choices that either increased or decreased your risk of failure. Some of them panned out. Others probably didn’t. Point is: As a business owner, you know your way around a pro/con list.

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Main Event — Joy Gendusa of PostcardMania

Joy Gendusa is the Founder of PoscardMania, a $22 million postcard and marketing company in Clearwater, Florida. She began her company as a graphic designer and one day, after a bad experience with a postcard marketing company she was hiring, she decided she could do a better job! Joy's entrepreneurial story is full of impactful sound bites, including her experience building up a tremendous culture, how she's structured a team of over 190 people, incredibly hard times she faced during the economic downturn in 2008 and how she keeps a positive attitude through it all!

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How To Get the Most from Marketing

If you’re about to hit the road for a long trip, one of the last things you’ll do is fill your car up with gas: It’s what will keep your vehicle going. And when it comes to sustaining your business for the long haul, you’ll want to make sure its tank isn’t empty – or you might be left stranded.

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How to zero in on your unique selling proposition (USP) to set your business apart from the competition

Successful businesses know what makes them special to customers or their market and they “own it”.

As a small business you are often facing strong competition from your local market and from the big brands. If you offer a product or service that may seem like a commodity to some, it can be even more important to differentiate your business from competitors.

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20 Real and effective ways to market your online business, offline

With so much attention on social media and SEO marketing, it’s easy to understand how entrepreneurs can forget and neglect the power of offline marketing tactics. Yes, the Internet allows us to stretch far and wide in our never-ending search for clients and exposure, but we must not lay waste to fundamental business practices. Practices that are not only tried and true, but quite effective in directly connecting with our target market. Most of all, these practices are easy and very simple to do; nothing but a little time, energy and marketing collateral.

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Mailing Lists ? Keeping it Simple

The right direct mailing list targets people who want your product or service.

The direct mail mailing list is a key factor in a successful direct mail marketing campaign and a major point to consider in small business marketing strategies where marketing ROI (Return On Investment) is a key concern.

What really makes your direct mail marketing and advertising campaign successful?

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Growing your dental practice with Google advertising

As the owner of a dental practice, you want your practice to continue to grow. And we all know why…more patients = more money.

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