Marketing Case Study Examples

Check out our marketing case study examples to learn valuable lessons about how direct mail marketing can grow your business! These examples of marketing success are sure to inspire and motivate you to take your marketing and business to the next level!

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A/C & Heating Case Studies

Glass City

Industry: A/C & Heating

Result: Mailing marketing postcards at strategic times throughout the year can pay off big for HVAC businesses.

Hudson Mechanical

Industry: A/C & Heating

Result: Marketing is judged by the return on investment it generates. Postcard marketing delivers those marketing profits for HVAC businesses.

Kenrich Mechanical

Industry: A/C & Heating

Result: Mailing postcards before your busy season lays the marketing groundwork for generating big revenue when summer arrives.

Hightower Service Inc.

Industry: A/C & Heating

Result: Produced a 50-60% response rate with targeted seasonal campaigns!

HVAC Company

Industry: A/C & Heating

Result: We booked 310 appointments and generated about $1,350 per booking with our postcards!

LJ Refrigeration

Industry: A/C & Heating

Result: By spending just under $3,000, they ended up generating over $15,000 in sales!

Accounting/Taxes Case Studies

Donald T. Bates CPA

Industry: Accounting/Taxes

Result: 5-10 new clients acquired, which paid for the marketing and then some!

Instant Refunds

Industry: Accounting/Taxes

Result: 40 responses generated in the first month from only 5,000 postcards mailed!

Williams and Kunkel CPA

Industry: Accounting/Taxes

Result: 45-50 responses generated from only 6,000 postcards mailed!

Smeed CPA Inc

Industry: Accounting/Taxes

Result: We generated 265 responses and $60,000 in revenue from our postcard mailing!

Animal Services Case Studies

Bingle Veterinary Clinic

Industry: Animal Services

Result: Now that more prospects are aware of Bingle Vet, new customers will continue to trickle in as their pet’s needs arise!

Appliance/Equipment Repair Case Studies

Service General

Industry: Appliance/Equipment Repair

Result: We generated 12-15 new customers and brought in $2,400-$3,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

Automotive Accessories Case Studies

Cruiser Customizing

Industry: Automotive Accessories

Result: We generated 18 responses and $3,815 in revenue from our postcards!

Automotive Repair Case Studies

Rivercity Autowerks

Industry: Automotive Repair

Result: If your business only serves specific customers, make sure you are only marketing to specifically qualified prospects.

Baker Road Service

Industry: Automotive Repair

Result: We generated 80 new customers and $28,000 in revenue from our postcards!

Alpha European Auto

Industry: Automotive Repair

Result: We generated 7 new clients and $2,200 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Automotive Sales Case Studies

Sunrise Auto Sales Inc

Industry: Automotive Sales

Result: We generated 30 leads and 3 sales from our postcard campaigns!

Banking Case Studies

American Community Bank

Industry: Banking

Result: We generated 250 new accounts and $17,000,000 in deposits from our postcard marketing!

Beauty Services Case Studies

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Advanced Aesthetics

Industry: Beauty Services

Result: The return on investment you can generate from postcard marketing proves it is the best marketing method for small businesses.

Savvy Salon and Spa

Industry: Beauty Services

Result: Postcards create a buzz about your business in the community to create brand recognition and generate sales.

DaVarah Salon and Spa

Industry: Beauty Services

Result: Generated 150 responses bringing in $7,500 in revenue!

Relax N Glow

Industry: Beauty Services

Result: We are continually bringing in new clients from our postcard mailings!

Seaside Dermatology

Industry: Beauty Services

Result: We got over 300 new patients from our postcard mailer and still counting!

Mid-Atlantic Skin

Industry: Beauty Services

Result: With only one mailing to this list, Mid-Atlantic Skin received 93 new leads!

Business Services Case Studies

Measurable Solutions

Industry: Business Services

Result: Postcards grow your business consistently and can build remarkable business growth momentum for your company.

Greg Hagopian

Industry: Business Services

Result: The law office received 75 calls and 1,000 website visitors

Catering Case Studies

Serendipity Catering

Industry: Catering

Result: We received 12-15 responses and generated $25,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Charity/Fundraising Case Studies

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National Charity Services

Industry: Charity/Fundraising

Result: You can’t underestimate the impact of photos for reinforcing your charity’s marketing message.

Chiropractic Case Studies


Industry: Chiropractic

Result: To generate the most revenue from your postcard marketing, track all your responses, both by phone and online.

Durrett Chiropractic

Industry: Chiropractic

Result: Generated 146 responses while there was still 2 weeks left in the promotion!

Cleaning Services Case Studies

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Merry Maids

Industry: Cleaning Services

Result: If you want consistent growth and continued profits, you need to be consistently investing in postcard marketing.


Industry: Cleaning Services

Result: The return on investment from postcard marketing can be really good, really quickly.

Homework Enterprises

Industry: Cleaning Services

Result: Acquired more than 60 new customers generating approximately a 1000% return on their investment!

West Coast Maintenance

Industry: Cleaning Services

Result: 6 calls and $2000 in revenue after mailing just 280 cards!


Industry: Cleaning Services

Result: DomesticAide received 21 calls and 12 new clients!

Clothing/Apparel Case Studies

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Beau Brummel

Industry: Clothing/Apparel

Result: It’s just as important to stay connected with your current customers, as it is to bring in new ones.

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Luna Luz

Industry: Clothing/Apparel

Result: When we mail out the cards, we’ll immediately get some orders in for whatever it is that we had on the card.

Communications Case Studies

Affordable Phone

Industry: Communications

Result: It’s not just the postcards that get results. It’s the direct mail marketing strategies we’ve learned over 20 successful years in the industry.

Construction Case Studies

Dance/Gymnastics Case Studies

Center For Dance Arts

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics

Result: We generated $500 per month for 9 months from our postcard campaign!

Garden City Dance Studio

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics

Result: We brought in 10 new students and $4,500 in revenue from our postcards!

Limitless Dance Company

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics

Result: We received 14 responses and generated $1,200-$1,400 in revenue from our postcards!

Dance Xperience

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics

Result: They earned a total of $3,450 off of this one campaign alone.

Legacy All Sports

Industry: Dance/Gymnastics

Result: Legacy has gotten 100 students from the mailing, resulting in $8,000 in their first month alone!

Dental Lab Case Studies

World Lab Chicago Inc

Industry: Dental Lab

Result: We’ve generated $50,000-$60,000 with our monthly postcard mailings!

Dental Services Case Studies

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Averne Dental

Industry: Dental Services

Result: Lead generation is the key to growing your dental practice, and nothing does it better than direct mail postcards.

Lembach Dental

Industry: Dental Services

Result: With dental postcard marketing, you have to keep in mind the lifetime value of each new patient your postcards bring in.

Lockhart Dentist

Industry: Dental Services

Result: Reaching out to your current patients while bringing in new ones can take your practice to a whole new level.

Pediatric Dentist

Industry: Dental Services

Result: We generated 108 new patients acquired totaling $22,000 in revenue!

Bruce Young DMD

Industry: Dental Services

Result: 100 responses from 5,000 postcards mailed!

Randy Nolf DDS

Industry: Dental Services

Result: 136 calls and 160 website visitors generated from the postcards!

Dr. Amit Khanna DMD

Industry: Dental Services

Result: We increased our new patient totals by 57% since adding DirectMail2.0!

Stephen D. McCuin DDS

Industry: Dental Services

Result: Acquired 6 new Invisalign patients, which brought in $5,500 in revenue each!

Missouri Dental Practice

Industry: Dental Services

Result: We generated 128 new patients and $45,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Colleyville Dentistry

Industry: Dental Services

Result: We generated 7 new patients and $7,200 in revenue from our postcards!

The Brace Place

Industry: Dental Services

Result: We generated 2 new patients and $8,000-$9,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

North Side Dental

Industry: Dental Services

Result: The return on investment (ROI) has already been more than enough to justify the campaign!

Prairie Hawk Dental

Industry: Dental Services

Result: DirectMail2.0 makes measuring success soooo much easier!

Dental Emergency Room

Industry: Dental Services

Result: 37 New Patients so far and $4800 in immediate income

North Broad Family Dental

Industry: Dental Services

Result: North Broad has generated over $5,000 in immediate revenue and 172 calls!

Dry Cleaning/Laundry Case Studies

Yates Dry Cleaning

Industry: Dry Cleaning/Laundry

Result: Yates Dry Cleaning received 50 new customers, and their campaign has already paid for itself

Education Case Studies

Playtime Music Studios

Industry: Education

Result: The latest online marketing technology is great, but there will always be a place for the dependable results of direct mail postcards.

Behind the Wheel Driving School

Industry: Education

Result: More enrollments means more revenue and postcard marketing can deliver both quickly and consistently

Perry Hall Christian School

Industry: Education

Result: Oftentimes for schools, even just 1 new student can pay for your marketing investment AND generate you a huge profit.

Sylvan Learning Center

Industry: Education

Result: New students create long-term revenue for tutoring centers, so they produce big profits from the marketing investment required to get them.

Grace Academy Preschool

Industry: Education

Result: These new students brought in almost $3,000 in added revenue to our school

Financial Services Case Studies

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Foley & Co.

Industry: Financial Services

Result: Repetition leads to consistent marketing results for mortgage companies, even in a recession.

C.W. Beale and Associates

Industry: Financial Services

Result: Experimenting with designs and offers can help your company continue to improve your results with postcard marketing.

Texoma Credit Union

Industry: Financial Services

Result: You can set specific marketing goals, because postcards have the proven track record to produce the results YOU want.

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Retirement First

Industry: Financial Services

Result: We close 4-5 appointments, and only 1 pays for our marketing and then some!

Financial Services Company

Industry: Financial Services

Result: We generated 15-18 new clients and $22,500-$27,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

RJB Financial Services

Industry: Financial Services

Result: We generated 261 responses and 20 new agents from our postcard mailings!

Fitness Case Studies

Contours Express

Industry: Fitness

Result: Even black and white cards can deliver great results when they are designed with marketing intention and understanding.

Anytime Fitness

Industry: Fitness

Result: We generated 20 responses and 4 registrations in just 2 weeks with our postcards!

Formalwear Case Studies

After 5 Tuxedo

Industry: Formalwear

Result: Postcards don’t just generate leads. They build your company’s reputation in all facets using proven marketing strategies.

Top Hat Tuxedo

Industry: Formalwear

Result: They received 77 unique phone calls with the average cost of a rental at $141 each

Furniture Case Studies

St. Charles Office Furniture

Industry: Furniture

Result: Small businesses have to go with the marketing that works. For this furniture company, it’s marketing postcards.

Verlo Mattress Factory

Industry: Furniture

Result: Looking to boost sales during a big retail event? Nothing beats the return on investment generated by direct mail postcards.

Government/Politics Case Studies

Dan Morris

Industry: Government/Politics

Result: Political campaigns are about name recognition and connecting with voters, and postcard marketing allows you to achieve both.

Tyson Larson

Industry: Government/Politics

Result: When you mail postcards to those who vote regularly, you build credibility with the voters you know you can count on.

Councilwoman Suzy Alba

Industry: Government/Politics

Result: Won her seat with the highest amount of votes out of any of the 10 candidates elected and did it as a newcomer!

Judge Nancy Thane

Industry: Government/Politics

Result: Won her election unseating an incumbent Judge!

Hearing Aids Case Studies

Hearing Aid Academy

Industry: Hearing Aids

Result: We generated 12 responses and $9,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Home Services Case Studies

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Prime Building Services

Industry: Home Services

Result: Targeting local prospects in the community can generate a buzz around your business and bring in valuable referrals.


Industry: Home Services

Result: With DirectMail2.0,GutterBrush received 80 new leads!

Williams & Bay Pumping Services

Industry: Home Services

Result: We experienced a stronger economy and I feel continuing effects of our ongoing campaign that helped produce a better response.

Insurance Case Studies

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M.E. Wilson Co.

Industry: Insurance

Result: Postcard marketing delivers huge ROI potential for small businesses in the insurance industry.

Farmer’s Insurance

Industry: Insurance

Result: Attention: Your marketing postcards may make you very very busy. That’s kind of the point though, right?

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Farmers Insurance

Industry: Insurance

Result: The postcard response was phenomenal.  We wrote about five new customers every time it went out resulting in about 60 additional policies.

Jewelry Case Studies

D Copperfield Jeweler

Industry: Jewelry

Result: Direct mail postcards can deliver business growth for your small business when all other marketing tools fail.

Hopman Jewelers

Industry: Jewelry

Result: 43 responses from only 2,500 postcards mailed!

Neighborhood Jeweler

Industry: Jewelry

Result: Generated a 15% response rate from 6,000 postcards. That’s nearly 1,000 responses!

William Effler Jewelers

Industry: Jewelry

Result: ...a fair amount of people came in and made purchases ... It brought in around $25,000 of additional money.

Landscaping Case Studies

Handy Stop Nursery

Industry: Landscaping

Result: Find prospects you didn’t even know existed. Then, turn them into customers and generate more revenue for your business.

Imagastone Land Design

Industry: Landscaping

Result: When the right offer lands in front of the right people, there is money to be made.


Industry: Landscaping

Result: Dreamscapes brought in $7,000 in immediate revenue

Marshall's Lawn Care

Industry: Landscaping

Result: Marshall’s Lawn Care received 3-4 new estimated per day, and generated an estimated $50,000 in new jobs!

Neils Lunceford, Inc.

Industry: Landscaping

Result: Overall it was a very successful campaign and [we] will strongly consider performing again in the future

Martial Arts Case Studies

Success Martial Arts

Industry: Martial Arts

Result: Keeping a database of your customers and leads gives you a great mailing list to use for postcard marketing.

Super Kicks

Industry: Martial Arts

Result: The new students who came in off of their postcard mailings will generate $2,100 per month for Super Kicks!

Medical Services Case Studies

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Don Allen Studios

Industry: Medical Services

Result: All small businesses need to use repetition with their postcard marketing to get consistent results.

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Passport Health of New York

Industry: Medical Services

Result: Small business owners keep their postcard mailings consistent, because that’s how they keep the leads coming in.

Virtuosa GYN

Industry: Medical Services

Result: Over $40,000 in revenue from one mailing!

Merchant/Payroll Services Case Studies

Mortgage Case Studies

Riverbend Mortgage

Industry: Mortgage

Result: If the results are this good, you don’t rock the boat. Postcard marketing gets long-term results for mortgage businesses.

CTC Financial

Industry: Mortgage

Result: We generated 10 responses leading to $11,500 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Moving/Storage Case Studies

Optometry Case Studies

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West County Optometry

Industry: Optometry

Result: When you’re looking to fill a local event, connecting with your local prospects with postcards is your best marketing option.

Advanced Eye Care

Industry: Optometry

Result: 90 responses per month from mailing just 1,500 postcards!

The Vision Store

Industry: Optometry

Result: We generated $120,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Lampasas Eye Care

Industry: Optometry

Result: We generated 125 responses and $28,000 from our postcard mailings!

Other Case Studies

Sera Inc.

Industry: Research/Survey

Result: Simply sending out postcards isn’t what gets big results. It’s the intentional and strategic design that generates responses.

Pest Control Case Studies

Sprinkler Magician

Industry: Pest Control

Result: We generated $42,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

Pharmacy Case Studies

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Industry: Pharmacy

Result: PostcardMania’s communication and follow-up makes email marketing easy.

Village Pharmacy

Industry: Pharmacy

Result: We generated about 2 new customers per day from our 4 month postcard campaign!

Photography Case Studies

Physical Therapy Case Studies

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Elite Physical Therapy

Industry: Physical Therapy

Result: This physical therapy business learned you can get better marketing results with less-hassle by outsourcing your marketing.

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ProFitness Physical Therapy

Industry: Physical Therapy

Result: The great thing about repeat postcard mailings is it develops a self-perpetuating marketing cycle and continues to build.

Pools Case Studies

AAA Pool and Spa

Industry: Pools

Result: Lay the marketing groundwork before your busy season starts. The repeated exposure you create will yield huge revenue.

Bullfrog Pools and Spas

Industry: Pools

Result: A pool and spa company can saturate their local neighborhoods to generate huge returns on their marketing investment.

Four Seasons Pool and Spa

Industry: Pools

Result: Sending repeated postcard campaigns to the prospects who need your services pays off big time.

Lightning Pools and Pavers

Industry: Pools

Result: Direct mail postcards offer you efficient results, so oftentimes you’ll spend less on your marketing while increasing revenue.

Symbiont Service

Industry: Pools

Result: $353,607 in sales came directly from PostcardMania

Real Estate Case Studies

Eipper Realty

Industry: Real Estate

Result: We closed two deals, which generated $4,000 using postcard marketing!

Recreation/Entertainment Case Studies

Game Truck

Industry: Recreation/Entertainment

Result: Hitting the right prospects for each franchise’s market leads to profitable results from your postcard marketing.

Recycling Case Studies

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Rockaway Recycling

Industry: Recycling

Result: Life is good when you can get all your marketing from one place AND get a fantastic return on your investment.

Remodeling Case Studies

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Fairfax Interiors

Industry: Remodeling

Result: Outsourcing your marketing gets you great results, while freeing you up to spend your time on the things YOU care about.

Rental/Leasing Case Studies

GenPowerLease, LLC

Industry: Rental/Leasing

Result: We generated over 100 calls and brought in $10,800 from our postcards!

The Rental Assistants

Industry: Rental/Leasing

Result: The Rental Assistants received 24 calls from their mailings, while their online follow-up ads made a total of 286,447 impressions

Restaurant Case Studies

The Olive Grove Restaurant

Industry: Restaurant

Result: Restaurants can feature offers that require prospects to bring in their postcard, so they can track their marketing results.

Villa Valenti

Industry: Restaurant

Result: Postcard marketing brings in customers for your restaurant. Then, the ROI is up to your staff by upselling to increase ticket totals.

Yeti Yogurt

Industry: Restaurant

Result: Over $4,000 of revenue generated from just one postcard mailing!

Espresso Cielo

Industry: Restaurant

Result: We generated 500 customers from our postcard marketing!

Retail Case Studies

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Industry: Retail

Result: This skin care product company took their business to a whole new level when they started using postcard marketing.

4U2U Brands

Industry: Retail

Result: Targeting the right markets with effective direct mail marketing can expand your business and generate incredible revenue.

The Scarlet Tassel®

Industry: Retail

Result: Retail gift stores can generate big revenue each holiday season by mailing postcards to their past customers.

Roofing Case Studies

Masters Roofing

Industry: Roofing

Result: When you combine a great postcard design with a great mailing list, your postcard marketing results can blow your mind.

Roof Advisory Group, Inc.

Industry: Roofing

Result: With the repeat mailings, we brought in over $4 Million in revenue from our postcards!

Senior Care Case Studies

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Helping Hands of America

Industry: Government Utilities Consultation

Result: It doesn’t take a huge response to yield huge profits for your company using postcard marketing.

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Home Care Seminars

Industry: Government Utilities Consultation

Result: Senior care companies should target very specific groups of people to get great results from their efforts.

Transportation Case Studies

Truck ECM

Industry: Transportation

Result: Truck ECM received 38 phone calls and 233,485 online ad impressions which resulted in 241 click-backs to their website

The Cycle Shop

Industry: Transportation

Result: The Cycle Shop received 145 unique phone calls!

Wedding/Party Services Case Studies

Wholesaler Case Studies

Wholesale Fuels Inc.

Industry: Wholesaler

Result: Generated 92 customers, which brought in $9,813 in revenue in just one year!

Wine/Vineyards Case Studies

Finger Lakes Wine Country

Industry: Wine/Vineyards

Result: The return on investment for marketing postcards make them an incredible marketing tool for small businesses.