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We love proven marketing, booming profits, and (why not?) long walks on the beach. Here’s our story. See if you like us!

Joy Gendusa (who you’ll hear from in just a sec) founded PostcardMania – a postcard marketing company (and the first of its kind) – in 1998. At the time, her only assets were a computer, a phone, her innate marketing savvy, and maybe a pocketful of dreams.

Prior to Joy’s brainstorm and PostcardMania’s grand entrance to the marketplace, business owners had to either, 1) pay ad agencies dearly for marketing advice (and then pay a markup on the actual postcards) or 2) use commercial printers to save on printing costs (but forfeit the marketing know-how that makes the campaign actually work). Plus, even cheap postcards were EX-PEN-SIVE. Like, 5,000 postcards cost you $1,400. Crazytown.

Joy thought that marketing advice should be FREE and that full color postcards should be WAY more affordable for everyday business owners. So she started PostcardMania and made that happen. Again, nobody had ever done this before.

And you know what else nobody had ever done before? Put the whole operation in-house. But Joy did. Now you don’t have to get a design one place, your marketing advice from another place, have your design printed at yet another place, and then label, stamp, and mail it yourself. PostcardMania does it all, nice and streamlined and such.

Plus, we now offer WAY more than postcards. Web design? Yup. Google pay per click management? Just ask. Email marketing? You betcha! Not to mention social media management, landing page creation, and more. And with Joy at the helm, you can bet we’ll continue to introduce new, innovative products to make you more money.

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled history of PostcardMania to bring you…

The PostcardMania Purpose


And now, back to PostcardMania: A History, with a word from our founder…


My Marketing Journey by Joy Gendusa


To promote PostcardMania, I started out mailing 1,000 postcards per week to a list I pulled out of a yellow pages CD I picked up at Office Depot. This was back when it was just a couple employees and me. My revenue increased, so I upped it to 2,500 pieces each week – not an easy decision. I ran with that for several months and noticed that after the initial increase in revenue we plateaued at a new higher range in sales.

Of course, at that time it was pretty painful for me to raise the quantity of our outgoing mail dramatically as a mere test. Postage was the lion’s share of my marketing cost and it was a big expense to test sending 5,000 pieces instead of 2,500 and observe the results. But based on the revenue increase from 1,000 pieces to 2,500, it seemed logical, albeit scary (I was paying myself a mere 40k per year and that was a stretch).

So, I bit the bullet and went for it. I increased the postcards out the door to 5,000 pieces per week for a commitment of 6 weeks. (It was rice and beans for supper those six weeks if you know what I mean, but I was committed!)

Within 4 weeks we doubled our orders and revenue! That test was 15 years ago. Today, we mail 170,000 postcards to promote PostcardMania every single week without fail. And six weeks after we increase the quantity, we always see a jump in our revenue. It still works today. Every time.

ALTHOUGH: Twice I violated this principle – and twice I paid the price…

For a long time, we mailed 140,000 postcards per week. That was our number. It was comfortable and effective. But toward the end of 2013, we cut it to 125,000 because we were doing so well. We had just come off our best summer yet (which is usually our slowest time), and we were feeling cocky, because we had implemented a program to improve the quality of our mailings and track new business revenue versus marketing spend – and it was working! I recall the meeting where my Chief Marketing Officer brought up this idea and we discussed it with my Senior Vice President Sales and he thought it was a good idea too. It made me nervous, but she had a point. We would save about $10,000 per week. That’s a lot of money! So, why not save a bundle? Right?

Wrong. You know what happened? Our revenue went down. We still had a stellar year – better than any previous year – but boy did I learn my lesson… again. (In 2009 I moved some budget from direct mail to Google pay per click because the numbers proved we made more from online leads – but that turned out to be a horrible error and we quickly went back to what worked!) We acted fast to not only take the number of postcards back to where it was, but actually increase it to 160,000 pieces per week! And after the first week of 2014, we were up 53% over that same week in 2013!

This principle has been the KEY to PostcardMania’s exponential growth over the years. Whenever I want to grow into a higher revenue bracket, I up the number of postcards I mail. That formula has never let me down yet – and it won’t let you down either! Onward and upward!


PostcardMania's purpose is to help people — business owners, company and corporate executives and entrepreneurs — succeed in business by providing them the ultimate in marketing that achieves for them their desired result and puts them in the driver's seat to their own expansion through direct mail marketing, postcard marketing, website development, Google pay-per-click marketing, social media management and email drip campaigns – and whatever we find is working best for small businesses! The higher goal of PostcardMania is to foster the economy of this great nation by helping small businesses all over the USA becoming burgeoning successes. Read our Mission Statement.